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11/08/2015 - I did an update to a few pages back in September, just forgot to make a big deal about it and mention it here. Just another update of older images. Last update was from doing a domain renewal and then went quite a bit of time before working on this site again. May be in it's final year as I find that keeping work on this is much more work than I tend to want to spend. Will depdend on how things are in a year I suppose as I kept the domain again. Updates were done on the Anaheim pages as they have been in a state of redo for a while. Added a bunch of images to my railroad photography section of my other website also. Link is below in the last update if you care to wander over there.. Chris

09/01/2013 - Not so much of an update today, but I had to update the link for my website below so I figured I would share some news regarding this site. I renewed my domain name for another 2 years this week. I thought about just throwing in the towl on it since I seem to never take time to update content ... but talked myself out of that for now. So on that note, I do plan to keep working on the site. I thought about porting everything over to Adobe Dreamweaver and buiding it from there, but it just deems to be too much work for me to do that since I do not know CSS script very well. Guess I am just forever old school and do not want to understand it. I have been porting a lot of my images to my commercial site since I pay for that as well. You can check out those images at this link. So with that.. off I go back to some Sunday morning editing. Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone.

01/09/12 - Updated the locations page for the city of Bakersfield and Bellflower this evening with updated images and new format. Chris

01/07/12 - Updated the locations page for the city of Bell this afternoon with updated images and new format. Happy New Year. Chris

09/11/11 - Updated the city of Irvine and Tustin pages today with new images and information including photos from a one time Extra BNSF job that ran into Irvine for beans after working a customer in Tustin. Overall this update presents close to 40 new images, most of them had never been published online before. Hope you enjoy, there is plenty more to come. Chris

08/18/11 - Updated the Anaheim /Ball Road location page and the Anaheim/Olive Street location page today with the new format, redone images plus a couple new ones. Chris

Recent Images composed for uploading within the site at a later date: